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Birthdate:Jan 1

GenieCharacter: Genie
Series: Aladdin
Version: Free!
Age: Around 65,000
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight.

Appearance: Big old blue, in a nutshell, is, well... Big! And, ah, blue! He takes on one of the more commonly known appearances of a genie; in the place of legs, he possesses a long, transparent tail. Blue, in his case. Due to his ability to fly, he holds little use for legs and by no means is forced to slither. However, if desired, he may easily grant himself a pair without a visit to the old sea witch. In doing so, a pair of blue, loose fitting flares appear beneath his red haramaki (which he is almost always seen wearing, legs or not). To match his haramaki, a pair of ruby slippers stylish enough to make any witch jealous can be found on his feet. The ends of these slippers curl, much like an elf's shoes. This may be found mildly amusing when one takes note that his long, pointed ears happen to take on a elf like appearance themselves. Perhaps he escaped from Santa's Workshop before he did the lamp? Ha ha... ha... Ah, yeah, that was lame.

Speaking of which, though he was freed from his lamp, the golden shackles found around his wrists remain. This may be simply to serve as reminder of his previous life, or the fact that he feels bare without them. Either way, they're still worn. Another article of jewelry Genie happens to wear is a golden hooped earing in his right ear. The only hair he seems to have, other than his facial hair, happens to be in a short ponytail. His beard, black like his hair, is neat and thin, curling just at his chin.

When shapshifting, Genie will usually remain an illuminate blue. However, this does not mean he is permitted to only one colour. Green, red, purple... He could even do plaid. He will usually maintain certain aspects of his original appearance unless altering them is required. What would be Gandalf without that long beard or Whoopi Goldberg without dreadlocks?

Personality: He may be blue, but you sure won't find this genie in low spirits. Genie is a very energetic spirit who loves making jokes, regardless how bad they may be at times. Despite his many years of servitude as a slave, a smile never fails to appear on his face. He enjoys sharing cheer with others, even when it happens to be at his expense. This made his job, usually granting the happiness of others, quite appropriate when you think about it. After the long periods of time he found himself trapped alone inside his lamp, he's turned out to be a real social butterfly who loves the company of others. However, one should note, by no means is Genie just senseless chatter. In the past he has demonstrated a great amount of wisdom on mortal matters and over all knowledge. An example of this would be when he encouraged Aladdin to tell Jasmine the truth while he was posing as 'Prince Ali', and subsequently being willing to sacrifice his chance at freedom by encouraging Aladdin to use his third wish to become a prince again rather than to set him free.

Abilities/Weaponry: Now where would any genie be without phenomenal cosmic powers? The power to control life, the universe, and everything. Well, almost. There are a few exceptions, few provisos, a couple of quid pro quos... He can't kill anybody, can't make anyone fall in love, and though he could bring back the dead if he wanted to, he would just prefer not to. Have you seen the dead? They're scary. Grave robbing isn't exactly his thing, anyway. Genie does have the ability to summon, warp, or transform objects though. Suffering from gray hair, hair loss, wrinkles, acne, age spots? He's got you covered. You know that jaguar you always wanted? The aluminum body shell and reduced weight, compared to prior steel body, a rich complement of equipment is incorporated without sacrificing performance or strength. Oh, b-b-baby! He can make it yours. Want a copy of an important document? To be a prince? How about the next American Idol? That's right, he can make it happen. He also happens to have an incredible shape-shifting ability. This often allow him to perform many visual gags -all part of a well rehearsed routine, of course. One has to do something all that time trapped inside a lamp. His supernatural disposition grants him the ability to break the fourth wall, as well as parody real-life people and popular culture outside of the fictional universe in which he is contained. That's right, no one is safe.

Weaknesses: Freed from the magic lamp he was once bound to, one may be surprised to find that Genie still has his weaknesses. Since his freedom, his magic has been reduced to 'semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic'. Though he has yet to realize how greatly they have declined himself, it's only a matter of time before he finds that his magic may not be as fail proof as it had once been before. Unfortunately, he cannot grant anyone the ability to leave the city or summon anyone from outside the city in. Some magic may also be stronger than his own, enabling him from changing a spell cast on someone or something. A much more notable weakness of his is that he is 'powerless once confined'. He can be captured in traditional oil lamps, glass bottles, Glade PlugIns... Be creative and take your pick.

History: Not much is known about Genie's past. Had he always been a genie? Had a family or perhaps lover at one point? No one knows for sure. Genie may not even know himself! All that is certain is that Genie was a slave to the lamp for a very, very, very long time. He has had countless masters, and over the years has gained a great deal of knowledge about people, the world, and, well, just about everything. The most recent 10,000, however, had been quite dull for Genie. Trapped inside the Cave of Wonders, Genie unknowingly was forced to await the said 'The Diamond In The Rough' to free him. And when the boy did, something unexpected happened.

The boys name was Aladdin, a young street rat from the city of Agrabah. He and his little friend Abu, a monkey, had come a great way to retrieve the lamp. In doing so, they had befriended an enchanted rug whom Genie was all but to familiar with. He had wished to be a prince so that he could marry the beautiful princess Jasmine. But that was not all he wished for. No, there was something else that no previous master had ever wished for before: Genie's freedom. Aladdin promised the genie that he would use his last and final wish to free Genie from his lamp. Genie was doubtful, but the boy seemed confident. He was different then the other masters he had served. It never hurt to hope. He accepted Aladdin's promise and granted his first wish.

It wasn't long before Genie realized why Carpet had chosen to stick with the boy, for it was only a short matter of time before he too found himself attached to Aladdin. It wasn't often a genie grew fond of their master, nor was it that their master would grant their freedom. But, regardless, Genie cheered the boy on, offered him advice when needed, and at one point, even saved Aladdin's life. Things certainly had taken a turn for the worst with Aladdin's wish. And with only one left, the boy found himself incapable of granting Genie's freedom, for he would need the last wish for himself.

Upset, and for very good reason, Genie returns to his lamp, immediately stolen and delivered to Jafar, an evil sorcerer and the former Grand Vizier of the Sultan. As Genie's new master, he has no choice but to grant Jafar's first two wishes: to become Sultan of Agrabah and the world's most powerful sorcerer. It isn't until Aladdin's return and final fight between Jafar, he is forced to grant Jafar's third and final wish, ultimately leading to his defeat. He then unexpectedly gains his freedom from Al, finding himself free to be his own master and grant a wish of his own: seeing the world.

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